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PVC Leather stripes, tongue and eyelet area

Hard wearing genuine leather material around the heel and toe areas

Reinforced toe areas for maximum protection

Ventilation holes on the inner and outer sides of the skates for extra airflow

Coolmax® lining that provides breathability and less moisture after use

Secure lace hooks for easy tying

Exclusive Rio Roller chassis with aluminium trucks

Non-marking PU cast stopper

Rio Roller’s 82A deep set wheels that help prevent floor damage caused by axles



When choosing Rio Rentals, we offer support to maintain the skates for a better and longer lifespan, leaving you with more time to play! To make it easier and more accessible for you, We have created a downloadable step by step PDF guide on how to check and maintain your skates, which you can get today by clicking on the button below! OR if you don't feel confident to do this yourself, then you can call us and we can arrange the full service check either in-house or at your venue. 

We do also provide a useful list of spare parts that can be a cost effective way to prolong your skates, so please do not hesitate to get in touch should your Rentals require a little TLC.


An easy step by step guide to maintaining your Rio Rentals